Thursday, January 14, 2010

There Ought to be a Law!

Remember “quality of life”? Remember consideration and kindness? Remember what it means to “walk in someone else’s shoes? I do and I have come up with ten things “there ought to be a law against” (TOTBALA) in NYC starting in the new decade in order to make all our lives kinder and gentler.


~ laying wet umbrellas on subway and bus seats

~ coming to a complete stop on subway steps in order to take and/or complete a cell phone call

~ pre-theater cell phone announcements that try to be funny, clever or are linked in some way to the production

~ misspelled words on shop awnings, windows and signs

~ baristas who ask you for your name

~ people who, while making purchases in supermarkets, do not move along the conveyor belt with their items preventing the person behind them from placing their things down

~ people who tie their dogs to parking meters when they go into stores

~ more than one nail salon (or day spa) per city block

~ people on the bus who check their watches when wheelchair passengers are getting on or off

~ and people who create acronyms like TOTBALA

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Elise said...

totally with you there. Brilliant post.