Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sewn News by Lauren DiCioccio

These are examples from the "sewnnews" series by artist Lauren DiCioccio. She covers the newspaper with muslin and then embroiders a selected photograph to it.
"As news-gathering departs from paper form and is conveyed instead through the television and internet, the newspaper becomes a nostaligic and old-fashioned object.  I describe the beauty of the ritual experience of newspaper-reading by describing the paper as a tactile and fragile object in the language of craft.  The pieces in this series are entire issues of The New York Times encased in hand-embroidered cotton muslin.  I select a photograph from the paper; usually a strong image suggestive of power, leadership or communication; and embroider the image onto the fabric, applying colors in a painterly way and layering line and thread.  Portions of the image remain as outline and threads tangle and unravel from the fabric." (Lauren DiCiccio)

See more of the artist's work (from this series and others) here.

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