Sunday, January 8, 2012

Color Blind

Yesterday, corner of Irving Place & 15th Street...a blind man calls out for help crossing the street. I rush across to help him and he offers me his arm (which is great because I'm always afraid to initiate the touching). 

As we cross the street he asks me what color I'm wearing and I say "Black, like you." He asks me if I'm wearing a black jacket? "Yes." Pants? "Yes." He says he's gotten used to the idea that women don't wear skirts anymore. When we get across the street he asks me my name. He tells me his is Pete and asks if I can walk him to the next corner because he's going to Dunkin' Donuts. 

I apologize. I'm running late (which is true). He says it's OK... he'll meet someone new who will help him...someone wearing a different color. He tells me to have a nice day. 
(P.S I didn't have a photo of Irving Place & 15th Street)

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