Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Charleston, S.C.

My dearest friend suggested a long weekend in Charleston, S. C. to celebrate my birthday.

It is a lovely city, full of history, charm and great food. We stayed downtown in the French quarter so I was able to do as much walking as I normally do in NYC. The people were friendly, the flowers still blooming and the Spanish moss (or Spanish beard - named by the Native Americans when they saw the Spaniards' facial hair!) still hanging.

The anecdote that epitomizes our visit: As we were walking back to our hotel one afternoon, we noticed a horse being groomed on the sidewalk (center photo). We realized that it was being "gussied up" for the Blessing of the Animals ceremony a church on the corner was having in another hour. We began to notice several people bringing dogs towards the corner and as we passed one well-dressed man and his dachsund (also well-dressed in a pink bandana, collar and leash) we asked if she was going to be blessed. His answer, "Yes, although I think she needs something stronger." When he saw my puzzled look, he continued, "like an exorcism."


Elise said...

what a fabulous expression "gussied up" really is ! Great post, thank you

Selma said...

Happy belated birthday! Great post and pictures.

prime time rhyme said...

glad you enjoyed charleston. we were there a few years ago and loved the horse-drawn carriage tour, where the driver places a small weighted neon orange flag on the street whenever the horse chooses to relieve itself, so that the sanitation crews can clean it up. the city was immaculate! thanks for reminding me of that lovely place.

capecodjewel said...

They do things at a different rhythm, and your pics really express that.

Nice. :)