Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Errands

1) Get cash from ATM (Farmer's market vendors do not accept credit cards!) The daffodils are in a raised brick planter right outside the bank.
2) Walk east on 68th Street.
3) Cut through Saint Catherine's playground.
4) Admire new art work.
5) Buy fruits and vegetables at PS 183 Flea & Farmer Market. (The operators of this market pay an annual fee to the school to use the school gym, cafeteria and playground on Saturdays. The extra funds enable the school to provide things for the students that the DOE can not provide.)
6) Return a book to the library.
7) Enter my building through the back (garden) entrance.
8) Brew a fresh pot of coffee and taste the strawberries that were just purchased. NO PICTURE!


Bakeling said...

I never been to New York ,so come here to look at New York thru your eyes !

Thanks for sharing .

Suzanne@threepeats said...

I'm glad I can be of service. Enjoy!