Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Grass is NOT Always Greener...

I live in one of those ubiquitous white brick, post WWII, apartment buildings that appear all over the East Side of Manhattan. The buildings on the West Side are either much older or much newer and not, therefore, made of white brick.

Architects of these buildings had differing priorities. Some made sure every kitchen had a window, some made sure every kitchen and bathroom had a window, some made sure the lobby was large and elegant, some made sure the laundry rooms were not located in the dreary sub-basement.

The designer of our building made sure we had access to our own pocket of greenery.....a sitting area next to the lobby in between our building and the one next door (insuring privacy) with flowering trees, shrubs and flowers that change throughout the Spring and Summer. I wouldn't call it a child-friendly or pet-friendly space. And it's true that the only people usually sitting on the weather-beaten wooden benches are men smoking cigars that have obviously been told by their wife, girlfriend or partner that "those stinky" things can not be smoked indoors, but at least it's there.

This is what the garden looked like today.

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