Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Suffering from Blog Envy

OK. I'm in trouble. I dreamed about blogging last night. The stress of trying to keep my blog entries on point, entertaining, informative and attractive has gotten to me. Like all my dreams, I can only remember bits & pieces. Something about a serial killer targeting women bloggers whose blogs he finds offensive....something about the police using me as bait to trap him because he is a follower of my blog...something about sending special code messages through my blog posts....and then...the dog jumped on the bed and woke me up!

Now that I write it down, the story sounds like a killer (pun intended!) book or even a movie. Jodie Foster could play me or if they want to do the teen thriller thing with the script, they could use Olivia Thirlby. Wait, why not a TV series?

Law & Order: Criminal Content about the special group of NYC police officers that track down and apprehend criminal bloggers, vloggers and phloggers
The Followers about a group of talented but quirky writers, photographers & comedians who each week help a needy blogger improve his or her site
Sex in the Blogosphere a romp through the web logs with Corey and her friends who are searching for style, good food, Jimmy Choos and available men

The possibilities are endless. Have fun with them and send me some more ideas to pitch to the networks. Don't forget reality shows!

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