Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Unwritten Rules

For huge numbers of people to be able to move around NYC efficiently, there have always been some unwritten rules that too many people are no longer following. Maybe because they have always been unwritten? Well, not any more. 
  • Stay to the right when walking on streets or stairs
  • Walk single file if the sidewalks are especially narrow or if you are pushing double wide baby strollers
  • Let people get off the subway cars before you get on 
  • Move to the center of the subway car or back of the bus if there is room (which there usually is)
Tourists are granted a 10 day exemption from these rules. Repeat visitors to the city are not considered tourists.

Unfortunately, we all know rules are not effective if they can not be enforced.


E da more said...

Mrs Lamberg,

My grandfather always said to me "New York is a wonderful place, The City That Never Sleep, The Big Apple and The City who give a *BEEP* about outsiders!".

LOL, what you've written is true and it's only right we respect one another.

Tourist, are just amazed. Just imagine when we visit another country, they're thinking the exactly like us.

Anonymous said...

Miss Lambert How are you? I can't believe someone from irving found you. I totally agree with you with the baby strollers, but I moved from New York to New Jersey. We hardly see anything like that anymore. Miss you dearly.

Your Old Dance Student
Danisha Morales

Maggie Moment said...

I hear you sister. You must have been Christmas shopping on Fifth Avenue. I was and was thinking the very same thing. It's not even specific areas anymore. It's everywhere. The trains I do not get at all. Not only do you have to fight your way off the train, but then you have to wait for the next one to decide which way to go at the top of the stairs. Some days it's no longer just a walk in the park.